Hi, and welcome to my online diary. My name is Dave and I live in Stamford in Lincolnshire, UK with my wife Shalini and  2 dogs, Taj and Manali.

I have started looking at old used shipping pallets in a new light after exploring what people make from them, there are some fab examples on Pinterest and Youtube. So I am slowly building up my workshop and building some nice stiff myself. I am even using pallet wood to build some of the tools that will make life easier.

It is my aim is to share the stuff I make and how I do it on this blog in the hope that you might get inspired to make your own stuff from pallets and stop them going to landfill!

I also do a little Internet Marketing or IM as it's known, this allows me to show you the tools and equipment that I use and were you can purchase it from. These referrals are all done through Shalini's Affiliate account on Amazon or Ebay and will be clearly marked in my text.